Increase subscribers on YouTube

Increase subscribers on YouTube


Увеличение подписчиков на Ютуб

Buying buy 1000 youtube subscribers for 10 quickly and reliably is the first thing that a beginner blogger who wants to quickly gain an audience can think of. But any methods of cheating, except for the permitted strategies for the development of the channel, can lead to the ban of individual videos or the entire channel. There are many questionable instructions and methods on the Internet, but the rapid growth of subscribers does not mean that the channel will really bring views, and as a result, income. It is possible to increase the growth rate of new subscribers on the channel, but before that, you should study all the possible risks.
YouTube users believe that metrics such as the number of subscribers on a channel, growth dynamics, the ratio of likes to dislikes, and video views indicate the quality of the channel, or at least its popularity. With certain reservations, this can be considered true. But there are a lot of other examples, when subscribers were obviously cheated by a not entirely honest method, and some videos gained a large number of views only due to the presence of a clickbait preview and description. Nominally, a channel can have good views and a decent number of subscribers, but in fact, such a channel is unpromising in terms of making a profit.

Subscribers are usually promoted by those who have not been able to develop their channel in the usual ways, or the growth rate of subscribers does not meet expectations. But such users probably did not try to apply legal and effective methods of rapid channel development, namely, optimization of the channel itself and videos, channel design, and so on. You can add new subscribers to the channel, both for free and for money, but the final effect of this can be different.

Advantages of a developed channel in terms of the number of subscribers
Subscribers are cheated for the following reasons:

Gaining access to Adsense, and as a result, the ability to get money for watching your videos. The minimum bar for a channel is 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views per year.
The more subscribers a channel has, the more attractive the channel itself will be for YouTube itself and for a new audience. The channel will be able to occupy higher places in the search results, and new people will pay attention to such a channel with great interest, and then click on the subscribe button.
The presence of a large and active audience allows not only to interact with it in a useful way, but also to place advertisements on the channel.
The posted videos will be integrated with Google, which will allow them to be displayed for relevant queries in the search engine.
All these advantages work only when real subscribers have come to the channel, otherwise sanctions may follow from the administration of the site.